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Ordinances are the most formal acts taken by the City Council and have the full force and effect of law.  While there are three types of ordinances (general, special and appropriation), general Ordinances make up the law that most people associate with ordinances and local laws. 

Ordinances are required by Kansas statutes, to be published in the City's official newspaper once they are adopted, before they can take effect. A link to the full City Code can be found below. 

City Code of Osawatomie (adopted April 2018)


Publication of Ordinance Summaries
On July 1, 2012, HB 2166 went into effect. It amends K.S.A. 12-3007, the law that required cities to publish ordinances before they are effective. Instead of publishing the full ordinance in the local newspaper, cities have another option, a city may opt to publish a summary of the ordinance so long as:
  • The publication is identified as a ‘‘summary’’ and contains notice that the complete text of the ordinance may be obtained or viewed free of charge at the office of the city clerk.
  • The city attorney certifies the summary of the ordinance prior to publication to ensure that the summary is legally accurate and sufficient.
  • The publication contains the city’s official website address where a reproduction of the original ordinance is available for a minimum of one week following the summary publication in the newspaper.
Click here for the most recent ordinances published by summary publication.

View Recent Ordinances
Use the Recent Ordinances button to the left to look at all recently passed ordinances.

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